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Looking for a specialist of kidney ailments will make you search for a medical centre rendering services for Nephrology in Jalandhar.

Nephrologists have hands-on diagnosing and treating the disease that affects the kidney. They are well aware of how kidney disease or dysfunction can affect other parts of your body. Nephrologists assist primary care doctors diagnose and treat more severe or complex kidney conditions. Nephrologists cater to various direct factors that cause kidney ailments and also treat other factors that cause kidney disease or dysfunction. Kidney infections, kidney cancer, renal artery stenosis, nephrotic syndrome, and end-stage kidney disease, to name a few, are the subject matter of nephrologists.

Laboratory tests that nephrologists recommend for diagnosing kidney ailments include blood and urine test. The test reports help experts evaluate the ratio of chemicals in blood and urine. It indicates the condition of the kidneys and their ability to perform their function of purifying blood. Nephrologists are experts in performing procedures that are part of the treatment and diagnosis, like a Kidney biopsy.  Experts perform dialysis when kidney failure is high that restricts kidneys from purifying blood. Nephrologists perform a kidney transplant in case the patient needs one.

Kidney problems at an initial stage often do not require a visit to the nephrologist as primary care doctor can help prevent and treat the early stages of kidney disease. However, with continuing or rapid deterioration of kidney function doctor will suggest visiting a nephrologist.  The need will arise if the primary doctor detects conditions like chronic kidney disease, the high composition of blood and protein in the urine, recurring kidney stones, and inherited cause of kidney disease.

It takes time and hard work to be a nephrologist. It requires four years of completion of medical school and three years of additional residency course on internal medicine to become Nephrologist.


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