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Health problems relating to reproductive health, uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries and breasts make females look for the best gynaecologist in Jalandhar.


Females encounter many changes in their reproductive parts in different phases of life. Consulting gynaecologists facilitate the healthy growth of reproductive organs of females. Reproductive organs of the female are more susceptible to trauma, imbalances, and infections. It makes them more vulnerable to infectious disease, delayed pregnancy, or cause infertility. Consulting gynaecologists at regular intervals facilitates keeping the reproductive system healthy. Regular visits with gynaecologists or visiting them when a woman has concerns is a must.

When I need to visit gynaecologists?

One should consult gynaecologists when experiencing symptoms like such as pelvic, vulvar, and vaginal pain or abnormal bleeding from the uterus. Sometimes the symptoms arise due to physiological changes in the body that are not healthy, and sometimes the cause of arousal of these symptoms is psychological. Psychiatric conditions such as depression and personality disorders weaken the body’s immune system and predispose you to infections. Stress can alter the normal menstrual cycle and cause hormonal imbalances that may result in issues eventually.

Regular visits to a gynaecologist help maintain reproductive health. It can relate to concerns about sexual dysfunction. Painful sex, lack of interest in sex, unsatisfying sex are just some types of a condition called sexual dysfunction. These issues can complicate and make it hard to conceive or thrill sex life if not paid attention. Gynaecologists help in solving sex-related concerns and help you have a better and healthy sex life.

Endometriosis is the growth of tissues outside the uterus that are similar to tissues found inside the uterus. Endometrial tissue breaks down and bleeds with each menstrual cycle. It causes scar tissue and adhesions — abnormal bands of fibrous tissue that can cause pelvic tissues and organs to stick to each other. However, a gynaecologist can help you overcome the problem that otherwise can also lead to fertility problems.

Cervical cancer is another problem that needs early detection, diagnosis, and treatment by the gynaecologist. Pap smears make it possible for experts to treat it and prevent life loss due to it. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome relates to hormonal imbalance that affects ovulation and can cause cysts, irregular periods, and can be the cause of infertility. Primary Ovarian Insufficiency can cause the problem of ovaries and disrupt the mensurational cycle and cause painful sex. Uterine fibroids boost the odds of infertility, miscarriage, or other pregnancy problems for some women. It is a noncancerous growth that can be the cause of concern. Sexually transmitted infections need instant care to prevent aversive consequences of blocked fallopian tubes and ectopic pregnancy. Getting old bring with it many changes in the reproductive organs of females that need care and concern.

What gynaecologists advise for Sex and Menstrual Cycle?

Gynaecologists time and again stress the importance of safe sex for preventing diseases. They emphasize maintaining safety before having sexual intercourse. It includes getting your partner screened that ensures they are safe or using a condom to prevent disease transmission.

Researchers have proved, and gynaecologists support the fact having regular orgasm help in maintaining healthy reproductive life. It ensures the release of hormones and prompts the contraction of the uterus, which can help ease and detoxify your body. It also acts as a stress reliever that helps in sleeping better and ensures overall well-being.

Managing premenstrual cramps and discomforts needs women to increase consumption of calcium and magnesium.

Some common problems which need a consultation and a visit to a gynaecologist.

There is a need to clear out the misconception that female needs gynaecologist when pregnant. Many other reasons need a female to visit a gynaecologist. It could relate to any health problems that concern reproductive organs. These problems vary from woman to woman and extend much before and beyond pregnancy or postpartum health.

Painful periods are not uncommon. They bring many unpleasant body changes that include Cramps, breast soreness, and headaches, to name a few. Consulting gynaecologists can help in increasing resistance and tolerance to this unpleasant time. Gynaecologists suggest mild exercises, eating a good diet, and drinking hot fluids like soup and green tea are helpful for cramps during Dysmenorrhoea.

Vaginal odour is indicative of your vaginal health. Subtle shifts in vaginal fragrance are not a cause of worry. Many factors affect the smell. Smell variations are likely due to the menstrual cycle, hygiene habits, pH level, and many other factors. However, a foul odour that makes the face scrunches up needs a consultation with an expert.

Experiencing vaginal dryness is another concern that should drive you to your gynaecologist. Dryness can often be dependent on a woman’s age and mitigating factors in her life. Falling estrogens levels are the chief cause of vaginal dryness. It could be due to intake of some medicines or not taking enough time to engage in foreplay and arousal before sex. Gynaecologists suggest over-the-counter lubricants that can be applied to the vaginal area to reduce dryness and discomfort. These lubricants and moisturizing creams can also change the pH levels of the vagina and reduce the likelihood of getting a UTI.

Experiencing urinary or fecal leakage is not uncommon among ladies, especially if they had a large baby or a vaginal delivery requiring forceps or a vacuum. Gynaecologists help in managing incontinency through pelvic exercises. Specialists help in managing leakages by recommending dietary measures. It includes avoiding bladder irritants, such as caffeine, alcohol, and acidic foods.

Low Libido also needs gynaecologist consultation. Sometimes it is an outcome of medications you take, or it may be a sign of an underlying medical condition or a side effect of an underlying problem. Experts can help you with changing a medication, improving any chronic medical conditions.  A gynaecologist may advise a visit to a counsellor if your desire to have sex or be intimate can be affected by things outside of your control, like stress or work.

Diagnostic Tests that gynaecologists use for diagnosing for Gynaecological disorders.

Gynaecologists suggest screening tests HPV and Pap tests for diagnosing the stage and growth of cervical cancer.

HPV test detects the presence of human papillomavirus, a virus that can lead to the development of genital warts, abnormal cervical cells, or cervical cancer. The test does not declare the existence of cervical cancer. But it detects the presence of HPV that puts a person at high risk of cervical cancer.

Pap smear is a procedure that helps gynaecologists to determine the presence of cancerous cells in the cervix. Looking at the patient biological history doctor recommend it to a woman who has test reports of earlier PAP tests that showed precancerous cells or have HIV infection.

Doctors do not immediately start with the treatment procedures after they analyze the HPV test reports and Pap tests results. Sometimes the HPV infections clear on their own within a year or two. It is also true that HPV in the cervical that leads to cancer usually takes several years to develop. Therefore, doctors recommend watchful waiting, regular screening before they start treatment procedures.

The test needs the patient to lie down in a posture that facilitates experts to insert a speculum into the vagina. The speculum holds the vaginal walls apart so that doctor can easily see the cervix. The doctor collects samples using a spatula. The procedure is not painful and lasts for few minutes.


Most often, doctors do the two screening tests in combination, PAP and HPV. The process for both is the same and also does not require a separate sample.

A biopsy is another diagnostic procedure that helps experts to diagnose the presence of cancer in the cervix. It involves removing tissues and analyzing them under a microscope to detect the presence of a tumour. There are different types of biopsies depending on the instrument used for accumulating samples. Fine needle aspiration biopsy makes use of a thin needle to collect the sample. Core needle biopsy makes use of a large syringe, and Vacuum-assisted biopsy involves the use of a suction device to collect multiple or large tissues from the biopsy site. Endoscopic biopsy is a way of inserting endoscopes through the mouth or a tiny surgical incision. It facilitates experts to see the inside of the body, including the bladder, abdomen, joints, or gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Using forceps along with the endoscopes helps doctors to collect tiny samples of the tissue. Liquid biopsy is a minimally invasive procedure that can test a blood sample for cancer. Loop electrical excision procedure makes use of thin electric wire to remove a large piece of tissue through electric current. The process needs anaesthesia and causes mild to moderate discomfort and cause a small amount of bleeding.

Gynaecology and Advanced Techniques and Measures in it.

Best gynaecologists in Jalandhar are doing a lot to bring the best medical services and technologies to their medical centres.

Improvements in imaging technology, endoscopic equipment, drug treatment, and scientific innovation have contributed to recent advances in gynaecology. The change is not one-sided. There is also a change in the attitude of gynaecologists and patients that works in facilitating better health for women. Gynaecological problems affect the quality of life of women in different ways, and their treatment benefits them manifolds.

Minimally invasive surgical procedures are now replacing major gynaecological surgery. Laparoscopic and hysteroscopy surgery, medical treatment, and expectant management are few to name. Ectopic pregnancy today is diagnosed and treated at an early stage. It is the use of transvaginal ultrasonography and quantitative measurements of human chorionic gonadotrophin concentrations. It also reduces the stay in the hospital and preserves tubal function in most cases. Hormonal replacement therapy is gifting menopausal women with prolonged life expectancy and higher expectations for health. Advanced diagnostic measures have increased surveillance. It thus helps in recognizing other common problems and their treatment at the initial stage and with a high success rate. Modern era women want to delay childbearing age. It causes an increase in demand in medical science to find effective fertility treatments and surgical procedures that preserve fertility.

Who can be Gynaecologists?

Gynaecologists are persons with distinctive personalities. They are multitaskers who can investigate women for all their reproductive organs concerns and help them fight over the challenges. They make their skills and intellect sharper to be in pace with the modern technologies that continuously keep on reviving the norms and procedures of medical science.

They need to be generous, cooperative, patient, caring, helpful, empathetic, and friendly. These virtues help them to handle their patients in a better way and win their confidence. It makes their task easy and ensures cooperation from the side of the patient.

Gynaecologists are in increasing demand all over the world. Sincere, dedicated youth looking forward to helping women live a healthy and happy life must consider this profession one of the best options available. Fulfilment of academic requirements to be a gynaecologist is hard. It demands sincere dedication and hard -work to be in the medical institute and become the best gynaecologist.

What are the Qualifications needed to be a gynaecologist?

To be the best gynaecologist, one needs to complete specialized training in the female reproductive system. It requires the expert to specialize in three different fields – obstetrics (pregnancy & delivery), gynaecology (female health), and reproductive medicine. He should be a medical and surgical specialist.

The journey to be one is long, exhaustive, and demands a lot of hard work. After pursuing a medical stream in class twelve, there is a need to qualify NEET for entrance in MBBS. After completing MBBS post-graduation (MD in gynaecology) adds to the perfection. The internship is mandatory to complete graduation. Practicing Senior-residency after MD for a minimum of three years is essential before practicing independently as a consultant.

Where do Gynaecologists work?

Gynaecologists work either in a medical or an educational field or both. Many establish their clinics and many of them manage to clarify government standards and work in civil hospitals and medical centres. Still many pursue education line or research lines to help explore further potentials of this wonderful branch of medical science.

Best Gynaecologist in Jalandhar

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